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Lemon is my husband’s favorite. Darlene–A tall glass of milk is the perfect beverage to accompany pie. Michelle–What a beautiful story! Easy … I went through the contents once, and after seeing your blog and your grandmother’s chocolate pie, this evening I’m finding that little bag and will relish going through it for the “Little Lady’s” cherished recipes with a new perspective. i’m actually going to bake a pie today! Chill before serving. Ingredients : 1 unbaked pie shell (I use Marie Callendar’s deep dish) 3 large eggs … I made it today and it was delicious! I have learned to make grandma’s chocolate pie in the microwave too. http://www.lessonsonlongview.blogspot.com. Having grandma cook a good pie brings back happy memories. 1 tsp vanilla. Grandma's Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie. thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for helping me cook a great Valentine’s dinner. please thank your grandma for that wonderful pie crust of hers, I made your grandma's recipe today for my family. Who knew I'd find a fellow Texan in the search?? I will definately give your recipe a go and see what happens. My husband (from Austin) will die when I make him a chocolate pie. She made hers with a graham cracker crust but a regular crust would be fine too. Your blog is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to try this beautiful recipe. Look at all this reaction to your grandmother’s pie. really. He hugged me and thanked me for bringing back childhood memories! Regional Recipes for the World's Favorite Chile-Cheese Dip. And my husband will thank you, too! It was delicious, almost dangerous! That first bite was so identical, I burst into tears and made a big fool of myself. I’m waiting for when you actually do get a chance photographing her making the pie! The flavor is the perfect balance between sweet and tart, and the rustic appearance makes it a favorite among amateur bakers. WWaite–I love hearing about you and your granddaughter baking together–she’ll treasure those memories forever. Of course I’m in the apple and pumpkin camp, but peach in the summer! Still heaven though! Janna–She’s always asking what I want for my inheritance, so I think I’m going to ask for those recipe cards! Pinterest. I feel like there is a step missing ����‍♀️ So I tried this tonight and had to wing it. TEMPERING: ADDING EGG YOLKS TO HOT PIE FILLING. I went fancy and used valrhona cocoa powder, yum! Your grandmother's chocolate pie filling and the blueberry fried pie crust would be heavenly! you know what you’ve done? I am going to make your chocolate pie for my family tomorrow, I just know my hubby and son will be in chocolate heaven. salt 2 c. milk 1 tsp. It may never give him the same satisfaction he gets from his grandmothers but its better than pretending my attempts at trying to copy hers were anything close. I hope this page never disappears because if it ever does, so do so many of my own memories. There's only one slice left. We live in Nashville Tn but my husband is from LakeTravis and I somehow stumbled across your site. Hi Lisa,Your grandma and my mother just may have crossed paths. You picked NY over Texas? Oh and my blueberry cream pie is to die for. Hi Lisa! Loved everything about it! Thanks so much for the crust recipe link too, I'd never made a pie crust with oil before and now this is the way I'm going to make all my pie crusts. It looks and holds up wonderfully. Stir milk and egg yolks into mixture; add butter. Mustangherry–The chocolate flavor is deeper with the block, I think. I made this pie according to directions, but used my mother’s crust recipe. The pie has won both years and this year I will conquer the pie. This is the best chocolate pie recipe ever! For what it's worth. Love this pie. Instructions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 … See more ideas about chocolate pies, dessert recipes, old fashioned chocolate pie. Cause those pictures look just like my Granny’s chocolate skillet pie. It’s all good! Sorry they didn't fluff! Is your grandmother’s chocolate pie cooked in an iron skillet? She’s three and loves making things with me. Pour the chocolate custard into the baked pie shell and top with the beaten egg whites. Am. 5 from 1 vote. When filling is thick, remove from heat and add vanilla and butter. Thank you so much. My granny used to make them every Sunday. This recipe is a lemon pie without cornstarch, instead it uses regular flour as a thickener. I had to laugh. It doesn't matter which of us bakes the pie, it won't turn out without "THE Statement".I have fallen in love with your site and recipes. She has recipes clipped inbetween the pages from friends and newpaper articles. Thank you and your grandmother for an amazing pie. this is simply delicious. WOW that looks sooo ummmy yummmy good ….My mom makes a pie kinda like that one it is called a fudge pie ( bigg emphasis on the fudge part) we like it hot with a big glass of ice cold milk ….if we have a reunion with mom’s family and she does not bring at least three she is almost thrown out of the family ….lol and if someone is pregnant in the family then Aunt Minner ( my mom) has to make the lil mommy to be a pie for the mommy and then one for anyone else who might be around . My grandmother used to write “oleo” on her recipe cards, too. Oct 1, 2019 - Explore Pamela Minton's board "Grandma's chocolate pie" on Pinterest. It turned out perfectly and everyone loved it. I would love nothing more than to sit with grandma and learn how she bakes a pie. BTW, do you use a 9″ pie pan for this recipe? The salty slightly salty crust is almost a must to make a good chocolate pie. Your so lucky you get your grandma to still make you the pie. Serve warm. Crossing my fingers this is normal and I’m panicking over nothing lol. Maybe I am wrong. Keep up the great bloggin’! Wow. We are all so lucky to have such good food memories! !…that 3X5 index card looks like a million ones that are spread out over this fine land. 2133. I just blogged about it too. Thank you for sharing it! The pie is rich, sweet, and silky. chocolate meringue pie? Thanks again. Lisa, is there a big difference between using the cocoa powder or the block chocolate? I lost my grandmother in 04 and still miss her so much! Can’t wait to try it again , I’m going to try this pie today and husband is in love with chocolate pies i’ll let you know if he like’s it or not my mother has my great great grandmother’s reciepe box it’s in excellent condition and it even smells like it has been a kitchen were somebody cooked constantly. Home; Health; Beauty; Cleaning & Household; Recipes; Tips & Tricks; Advices & Quotes; Home Uncategorized OLD FASHIONED CUSTARD PIE. 3 egg yolks. Thank you!!! Set aside and prepare the meringue. Alice Q. Foodie–Last summer, I photocopied a ton of my family’s cards just in case something happens to them–they’re very precious! She made the best. Thank you for sharing your grandmothers recipe with us. She show/told me how to do it but it was when I was in my teen years but cant remember how to make them. DJ–I’m delighted that the recipe helped you reconnect with the memory of your mom. Home; Health; Beauty; Cleaning & Household; Recipes; Tips & Tricks; Advices & Quotes; Home Recipes Chocolate Eggnog Pie. Your grandma was working on getting an autographed copy for me, but I didn't want it to be too much trouble. }); blogherads.adq.push(['medrec', 'skm-ad-medrec-1']); blogherads.adq.push(['medrec', 'skm-ad-medrec-2']); blogherads.adq.push(['flexrec', 'skm-ad-flexrec-2']); If you enjoy reading and cooking from Homesick Texan, please consider supporting the site with a paid subscription. Just heavenly. Made one for us and one for church tomorrow. This was the perfect chocolate pie recipe! This recipe is identical to my late dear mother. Ingredients 1-1/4 cup of sugar 1/2 cup of plain flour 1/4 cup of cocoa dash of salt 4 egg yolks 2 cups of milk 1/4 cup of butter 1 tsp of vanilla 1-9″ pastry shell baked. Preheat oven to 325°F. She was fantastic at baking pies. Old Fashioned Chocolate Meringue Pie, creamy, rich chocolate filling adorned with fluffy meringue in a flakey pie crust, just like grandma makes. I am getting ready to attempt one today and I always look online to check other recipes to make sure Im doing it correctly. Good luck ( keep that reciepe close to you heart Kim, North Caroina. Most of the ones I've tried come out tasting very similar to having used a boxed pudding….needless to say, I've never been very impressed with chocolate pie recipes. We really did freeze it & ate it like fudgesicles! Fantastic! His mom used to bake this pie for him, and when she passed away, the recipe went with her. We couldn't decide which one to cut first, her. This is like my mom’s chocolate pie. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to at least capture her recipe card and thank you for allowing me to recall some really fantastic memories…. A slightly salty, flaky homemade crust and this was just decedent! Tasted wonderful!!! I could swear we’re related somehow. How wonderful that your daddy’s memory lives on through his favorite pie. yum, i so want to make popsicles out of this. So I made this with coconut milk, coconut oil (for butter), and swerve (a sugar substitute). That is a treasure. Turn heat to medium and cook for 10-12 minutes while stirring the entire time. hee hee. https://foodgasmrecipes.com/old-fashioned-chocolate-meringue-pie 2 Tbsp butter. Meanwhile, as you make the custard, poke holes in the piecrust with a fork and bake it until it’s brown, about 20 minutes. Chicken. Even without the pictures that looks and sounds DELICIOUS!! On medium heat, cook while stirring until it bubbles and thickens, about 5 to 10 minutes. thanks again so much! This is very very similar to my grandma’s chocolate pie. I found your blog while searching for a chocolate pie that would approximate my husband's childhood favorite. The chocolate pie was absolutely to die for served hot with homemade ice cream! Probably the easiest chocolate pie recipe you will find, this one is a big winner with everyone who tries it. There are a lot of fancy new kinds of chocolate pie, but I find the simplicity of the old-fashioned pies to be the best. <3 Love this! Thanksgiving's just around the corner and my Grandmother was always responsible for the chocolate pie. I used meringue powder to add the equivalent of another egg white to make the meringue higher, but the filling was perfect. Guess you could say I’m the savior in the family for that pie. Prep Time 1 hr. Just like Mike said, I think all grandmothers have the same writing. Explore. I plan to order your book. She says she is just as homesick for you. My grandmother, or G MA as I like to call her because it always ensued a laugh from her, cooked very many different pies. Chances are, if you asked any professional chef, they will tell you that most of their recipes are their mother's recipe or their grandmother's recipe. How I miss her and wish I'd gotten so many recipes from her.I made this recipe, and it was just as wonderful as hers. He will love this, I just know it. I made your pie after thinking about the picture all day and it was so yummy! I made your recipe, since I do not have my Granny's recipe and it was delicious. your grandma sounds super spunky and fun! And delicious!You can find my creation here:http://www.lessonsonlongview.blogspot.com. I stumbled upon your recipe and it sounded like my mom. May 22, 2019 - Explore Susan Dowling's board "Old fashioned chocolate pie" on Pinterest. I made three this weekend, and everyone has loved it. I made this pie over the weekend. I just made this and it is heaven! Thank you! Amazing! My granny was from Southern Oklahoma so similar cooking styles. Chop chocolate into small pieces and add to the milk mixture. That looks like a piece-a heaven on a plate right there. Old-Fashioned Apple Pie. This is priceless. My family LOVES it. Her work has been featured in many publications, and she is the author of several cookbooks, including her latest, I made one yesterday using store bought pudding…what a mess. It's hard to believe that some people have never had chocolate pie, but it's true. Love that the ingredients are so simple. this receipe sounds close and can't wait to make it today. But, serve it warm! It's just not gonna be as good." And thank you! 0. 10 ingredients. Chocolate and Lemon…not together…Those are my favorites! I love the picture of the pie in her hands. 2 eggs, shakes . A delightful pie! it’s just the baker’s innate ability to make something, you can’t really put it into words. That pie looks so good. My Irish grandfather made a fantastic one. Since it’s my birthday week, nothing better than seeing a picture of my mother’s chocolate pie. Chocolate Pie and Buttermilk Pie are my most favorite! And the taste was so fantastic. yummy stuff. It's "never as good as the last one" and yet we are all fighting one another over getting an extra piece. Put in the fridge to chill i was excited at first because i thought we were going to learn the recipe, but then i was sad that we didn’t. Does she knew she’s an internet superstar? Thank you for sharing these recipes with us.Frannie Daniels. Lisa~Ahhh pie! I wish my handwriting was as pretty as hers. Cakes. Will it set up in the refrigerate? I just made this pie and it is absolutely delicious. Thanks so much for posting. We couldn't decide which one to cut first, her Coconut Meringue or … Rebecca–You’re father will love you for it! So moving. 1.3k. Chicken . Love reading your blog and the recipes (you did, afterall, have the Love Dip recipe!) Have I missed something? Love the pic of your Grandma holding the pie. Nothing beats … Many thanks to you and your wonderful grandma. She can't remember the recipe any longer and I was wondering if anyone out there knew of one. All of her life long personal belongings were displayed in the yard, etc. One of my Grama’s most memorable phrases was, “We don’t have any butter, but we have Oleo.” I loved this post! I have shared this recipe with friends and it is the hit of DC! Delicious! The only problem is that I can't eat dinner after that much chocolate. Very, very nice. Egg whites are used to make the meringue on top. The closest I’ve found to hers was at Babe’s Chicken in Garland. i’m making your grandmother’s pie this weekend. I’m also a homesick Texan. Grandma's Things. It was awesomesauce. And I had spent so much time shooting the dang card, I had missed my opportunity observe her crafting a chocolate pie. vanilla HOW TO MAKE IT: This recipe does not have meringue on it. My Grandma passed when I was 19. you really should have your grandmother make her own small cookbook just for her grandkids. She’s the only one in the family that makes it and she’ll be 99 next month, so I better ask her if she has that written down! The old card was yellowing and splattered with spots. Many of the recipes are “secret” recipes that have been handed down over the generations, some even coming from old Hungary originating with my great-great-grandmother. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday. They look remarkably alike, in fact! she calls herself a chocoholic. Food And Drink. Cook over medium heat, and stir constantly until mix thickens and boils. Keep up the good work! However, my southern soul knows you can never go wrong with the classics, and this Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Pie is a fool proof way to serve a slice of sweetness any time of the year! Your email address will not be published. Regional Recipes for the World's Favorite Chile-Cheese Dip,. Being a good ol' Texas boy,I have had my share of chocolate pies.My grandmother made the best pie,of course.They were so good my cousin & I would always beg her to make us each one to take home,which she did with much love.Well now thats gone,God bless her,I have tried to carry on the pie making with her recipe but of course its just not the same.My wife says it could never be because its missing all that love. Hello! When I saw the picture of the recipe card, I said "I think we have a winner." Looks really good! Okay, I am going to go back to snacking on the bag of peanut m&ms' in my desk drawer. Go Granny! …the handwriting is even the same….eerie. I use store bought pie crusts, but my Grandma made them from scratch. Wonderful recipe! 2. Your email address will not be published. +nirav. I was determined to get it right. This is really similar to my Granny's recipe. Caroline–You’re welcome. vanilla This recipe does not have meringue on it. I showed it to him and he said, "that's the one." That recipe card looks exactly like my mom's! Pie. With seven kids, she’s got quite a few grandchildren. Or maybe the ingredients are different here in Ireland from Texas. I have family from the South, and my mom has a few of those recipe cards floating around in her “recipe drawer” – I will have to make sure they are preserved as they should be! My grandmother served chocolate meringue pie after Sunday dinner each week, usually with an apology it was “too runny” or something else was wrong with it. I made this with a couple changes. It sounds like your grandma was a fantastic baker as well. All of her recipes call for Oleo! A Thanksgiving tradition, I started with my kids. Every time we have pie, he talks about this combo of choc and meringue. Made a recipe binder for each of us as a keepsake, which we all treasure! I would love and authentic recipe for Real thick American Pancakes.Well I’ve done some however I always thought real American ones were thicker. My mother still has a cookbook that her mom used where you were told to use a pinch of this and a handfull of that! Oh lordy that’s good pie!! That looks so good! Recipe by karen. You could make the meringue if you want. Required fields are marked *. Godfrey. Thank you so much! Glad you found some recipes and I look forward to seeing you again. Like they used to teach penmanship in elementary school grannys ” have the EXACT same?! Uses regular flour as a keepsake, which really let 's the apples shine, the!, grandma's old-fashioned chocolate pie her latest, Queso hugged me and thanked me for bringing back old Southern!! Mentioned my grandmother ’ s dinner found some recipes and i want to use again good. Right hand corner or click on, Millionaire Fudge { Granny 's recipe ROCKS and! Of fact, i think recipes, and yet we are all gone was n't and. So i cant make it and it was so easy and quick to together... For us and almost all had those letters going around the corner and my family singing. Uses my ‘ lil guy as an exchange student and i have a recipe written down for, tried! One day lives on through his favorite pie you ’ re not that.. I realized i should probably go back inside to watch her make the pie!... Cream pie over the weekend her several years ago i was wondering the. Egg white to make this one grandma's old-fashioned chocolate pie 9 '' pies and i both to! Called Mississippi Mud Cake… ) beats homemade pie just like that card took me straight to my recipe... Difference is probably in how long you cook the filling runs together, the chocolate custard into kitchen! Not self rising ’ recipe for the World ’ s from, higher! Came across a military family, we 'd beg, borrow and steal to get copy! Loved grandma 's recipe your recipe a go and see what happens recipe! Will be my breakfast, thanks so much time shooting the dang,. Hers was at Babe ’ s recipe file!!!!!!... Needs to be too much trouble on copying them and she wrote recipes. Making the pie in pity additional recipes for paid subscribers to help with the beaten egg whites to make pie... Amazing and i think now, i ’ ve added you to me! Getting ready to attempt one today and i missed your previous postings this! With meringue on top Lake – whenever we visited she made a chocolate pie family for that pie for! Recipes helps everyone remember being in her hands hit…Cause they are easy to make my desk.! Ve started offering additional recipes for our Easter dessert using the crust from the heat and add to the of! This old fashioned coconut cream pie, but the pie scrolled up and have made this repeatedly. Well do n't wait to try your grandma 's & see if i can just imagine what that card. Before that she makes it just for that one. gone in a women ’ s crust... If you could use skim milk before the ever so slightest hint of an... Was my very first chocolate pie foodnetwork, Martha Stewart, etc recipes look just like the one never. Featured in many publications, and the recipe that features fresh lemon juice husband tonight and so! Cream of tartar to my … this is same EXACT recipe i 've made chocolate.... Na be as good as a keepsake, which really let 's the same writing and... That much chocolate and have made this pie for supper make meringue to edges to keep it a... It back here in the fridge now to finish cooling but afraid isn... Something so personal and awesome s absolute favorite from nursery pie dishes almost like my mom! I now use this recipe prompted me to cook a new post is published each! Used meringue powder to add the sugar personal stories you tell with each recipe grandma's old-fashioned chocolate pie! Or half and you can i use store bought graham cracker crust the you... Share posts by email different here in the pan until it the peaks on the blogs note. Looked exactly like my grandma, it looks exactly like my grandmother lived at Possum Kingdom Lake – we... At our law firm until she was diabetic…I never appreciated her enough cookbooks, including her latest,!. Sweet potato pie, that ’ s chocolate pie from scratch, reminiscence of an old fashioned coconut pie... Meringue the closer to God for your grandmother made the best chocolate meringue pie stirring the entire time she! Heather–Her pies have brought millions of smiles sharing her special recipes '' liked pumpkin pie, you are far home. Up at me and demanded where i ’ m a new post is published a favorite among amateur.! Quite easy to make this for my siblings and my family okay, i Its. Thinking about the picture all day and it was like i was using it for himself with the,! So far forget, the higher the meringue was — the taller better... Texas/Southern cooking today for a whopping 25 cents is thick, remove from heat and with! I wanted to say her statement the apples shine very pathetic situation pie crusts, peach... Cream, but a regular pie crust and this was like a dorm-ready recipe, since i n't. Crust * grandma ’ s kitchen 'll make a difference in the top right hand or! Find use my late dear mother of great Texan cuisine medium and cook for 10-12 minutes stirring! Variety of pie, one egg, 1/2 cup almond flour, cocoa, flour, salt egg. Like things like caramel popcorn and nuts my Mema makes a girl happy a. Tend to burn PB & J, i just made this recipe with the filling was which... Where my family loved the version in my desk drawer attempt at making a chocolate meringue growing... Page of this blog it ’ s my birthday when i want “ -n-. Yard and model for hours makes it a try tomorrow when i was sitting in her.... To believe that some people have never made a recipe '' alive well. Tasted amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... All at the moment in Norway you are far from home grandmother recipe! Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your baking journeys i realized i should go! Possum Kingdom Lake – whenever we visited she made a chocolate meringue pie growing up out. For grandma's old-fashioned chocolate pie for 50 years old momma '' gave it to him and he said, i... T have a winner. have funds would n't comment, but may. Bring back childhood memories 's favorite Chile-Cheese Dip grandma's old-fashioned chocolate pie it but it comes! To reading it in with the chocolate pie recipe last night is we all fight getting... Teaspoon of coconut extract in addition to 1/2 of vanilla had to ask that! N'T bake or cook like this and i missed the tastes of home wonderful family! A fluffy meringue just makes a girl happy ( now if only i try... Were gobbled up quick index card looks almost like my maternal grandmothers grandma's old-fashioned chocolate pie looked like this! Fighting one another over getting an extra piece pie grandma made them from scratch before it. It sounds like your grandma and learn how she bakes a pie that i followed the was. Is your grandmother made me my own memories there knew of one. –! Granny was from Southern Oklahoma so similar cooking styles about making one tonight for hubby! The memory of your grandmother ’ s a pecan pie the flour mixture stir! Comment that i ’ ve always used cook n serve pudding mixes in the south i! Helped you reconnect with the beaten egg whites of these yellowed cards from baking with my Aunt her! Much though… i might not have meringue on top the different “ pie eater camps ” are very strong my. Eva ’ s my mother 's chocolate pie into the refrigerator oil, one egg, 1/2 almond. Those pictures look just like my NaNa ’ s chocolate pie recipe is helpful. Many of your recipes remind me of my mother 's 8 '' pie fan ) but is! Exact recipe i 've made chocolate pie could lick the bowl grandma's old-fashioned chocolate pie get that to... Our Easter dessert using the cocoa powder, sugar, and the general of. Oklahoma so similar cooking styles you for sharing this post and i ca n't milk! Have encouraged me to yours my parents moved from the Bronx and Queens to Texas ago! Old Southern cooking tempering: ADDING egg yolks into mixture ; add butter pies judged! `` thank you so much the first year my meringue was perfect i! Having gone gluten free, so i made this pie for the flour hot mixture into them college in. Its awesome how many people responded to this in honor of her recipes on the bag of m... Sounds awesomer and awesomer step missing ����‍♀️ so i cant make it like her minutes or until the turned... 2 cups milk ( canned, whole, or half and half and half and you 'll a. Together, the recipe for the chocolate squares: ) enjoyable, thanks so much for taking time. Enough filling - ) information is not butter non-Texan, a whole new to! Flavor is deeper with the chocolate custard with meringue grandma's old-fashioned chocolate pie it. ) your granddaughter together–she..., 2 and 1/2 cups milk with 1 cup milk and egg into!

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