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UW Seattle Hotline/Campus Status ENV H 462 (3) Technical Aspects of Occupational Safety. This section applies to a broad scope of hazardous materials, including chemical, radioactive and biological materials and their wastes. This section covers many occupational safety and health topics found at UW System campuses, including: confined space; equipment, machines and tools; ergonomics; fire safety; hazard communication; indoor air quality; and personal protective equipment (PPE). It is not intended to render legal advice. Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA) Click here to get started with EHSA For help in navigating the EHSA site, please access the guides in the links below, or email radsaf@uw.edu or ehsbio@uw… Occupational Health eoh@fpm.wisc.edu Phone: 608-890-1992. © 2020 Board of Regents - University of Wisconsin System. UW-Madison Laboratory Safety Guide: Appendix H EPA Hazardous Waste Law Disclaimer This publication was prepared for environmental, health and safety staff at University of Wisconsin System … Designated Areas for Smoking and Vaping The Seattle campus is … Staff at UW System campuses can contact our office with questions about occupational safety and health. Specific training topics are covered on the corresponding webpage for that topic under Environmental Compliance, Hazardous Materials or Occupational Safety and Health. Environment, Health and Safety Building 30 East Campus Mall Madison, WI 53715-1227; Email: EHS@wisc.edu Phone: 608-265-5000 Description The Environmental and Occupational Hygiene PhD program educates professionals to recognize, assess, evaluate, and control environmental and occupational exposures to chemical, physical and microbiological hazards. Vy Tran (2016) interned with Tesoro, and now works as an Environmental Health and Safety Consultant with Google X. Wafa Tafesh (2014) interned with the Duwamish River Clean-up Coalition/Technical … Contact Us. Includes inspections of labs and equipment, food handling, water quality, hazardous materials and waste management, and animal facilities to ensure compliance with health and safety … The EH&S website is organized into several main topic areas. | Privacy Policy Laboratory Safety Manual – Staff in UW … This publication was prepared for environmental, health and safety staff at University of Wisconsin System campuses, to assist in finding resources and information for regulatory compliance. | Contact Webmaster. The Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S) has developed guidance and resources for faculty, staff, visiting scholars, student workers and other personnel working at University locations to support critical operations… Continuing Education Programs Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences School of Public Health 206-685-3089 or 1-800-326-7568 ce@uw.edu 4225 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 100 Provides a record of internal and external inspections or surveys of environmental issues to provide a safe and healthful workplace at the UW. Environmental UW–Madison is committed to complying with all local, state and federal air regulations aimed at protecting public health and the environment. Description: Content in this online course offers an introduction to the UW Madison Safety Department and an overview of occupational health and safety topics including animal contact safety, zoonoses, … The University of Washington’s Diving Safety Program, assists faculty, staff and students in safety using SCUBA as a tool to conduct underwater research. College of the Environment 1492 NE Boat St., Seattle, WA 98105 Stormwater Stormwater runoff from campus is one of the primary focal points for water management undertaken by EH&S. This section covers general EH&S training topics. All Rights Reserved, All Sites Also provides record of third party injury claims filed against the University of Washington (UW) or University and Harborview Medical Centers. This publication was prepared for environmental, health and safety staff at University of Wisconsin System campuses, to assist in finding resources and information for regulatory compliance. 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